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Thursday, August 12, 2010

ThursDay MooD..

..It's been 4 days i didn't update my blog.. Well, i'm on leave for two days and i'm not feeling well..unhappy i don't have any idea to share about....

OMG..i forgot to upload my activity on Saturday last week..I did promise that..damn!! Why i forgot..?? Maybe because i think too much and that make my head spinning..I can't sleep well at night and i seems like don't have any a dead headache and many more..

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today we have Sign Language Class and our teacher is one of our staff here..(IT Officer)..He's deaf and dumb..(he has been dumb and deaf from birth)..But i adore him because he is smart, intelligent and so wonderful..This is what God have shown to us..not only the perfect person can do their best but these kind of people also can..Bravo Mr.A....

Do we have a problem to communicate to him? Yes, we do have a problem to communicate with him but, because of his sincerity and willingness to teach us the sign language, it should be no problem after this..Beside, we still can communicate with him through messages or email because he still can read and we just write to him that's all..

Today we just spend half an hour for the class..and we learned a bit about the theory and practical..Our homework for today is, to find our own identity in sign language..This is the best part actually..hahahaa..but i don't have to do that again because he already gave me..He said it must be simple and nice and easier to remember..It's not really hard to learn just enjoy it and have fun with it..hahaha..

Well, i have to stop here..will be continued.....

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