My Journey..

..Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So..enjoy every moment of life..

Friday, April 8, 2011

..It's mine now..Yess..yess...

..Guess last i found it...yeaaayyyy!!!! I really want it, it's been a long time i try to find this kind of book..Why?? Well, it's not because of the cover but the content..all the receipe inside the book is what im searching all this time..No need to google and print it out..Yess...

 .....This is the book that i's look like simple but for me its precious..hahahaa...

..I went out to Alamanda, Putrajaya today with my officemate K.Nor and K.Chitta. We actually went to Pizza Hut and have our lunch there..(K.Nor blanja..abis sia mau balik Sabah besok lorr...hehehee..jgn jeles..). After lunch, i went to post office and then singgah jap di kalau sudah masuk kedai buku..satu hari tidak keluar2 dari tu tempat pun tiapa..mcm heaven sa rasa tu kedai buku..hahahaaa...That's why i love book and magazine..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

..My 29th Birthday..

..This is a gift from my husband..A Blue Roses..Thanks Daddy Eryqca..

....Well I don’t know how to tell a story about my passed 29th year’s birthday. Actually there’s a funny part, where the flower should be a surprise gift but then turned to unsurprised. Hahahahaaa…

..On Valentine’s Day I expect that someone will send me something but yet nothing arrived at my office or even at home. So, I get a bit frustrated. Then after a week, while I went home from my office at the evening, I checked our mail box and there’s a few letter and bills in it. So I took them all back and opened it as soon I came into the house. I’m getting curious to one of my husband credit card bills so I open it. I checked all the transaction and there….I found one of the transaction he buy something through online. I’m getting more and more curious, because the transaction dated after the Valentine’s Day plus he never buy something like a present or gift through online. Because of the past story and it still remain fresh in my head; I started to think bad on him again. Owhh...God this evil try to make me sinned again. So, what I do is to calm down myself first, and try to ask him through text messaging. I ask him…

“Dear, what do you buy through online from this “G”?”

..Tit...Tit...Tit…He replied…

“Owhh...i buy a flower...Gosh!! Actually, I want to surprised you on your birthday”

..I was shocked and realized that how stupid I am... Shame on me…

Then on 12th March 2011 it wasn’t a surprised gift anymore...The flower man sent it to our home and I received it without any excited feeling…hahahahahaa...

So I SMS him to say thanks and actually I’m a bit happy he choose my favorite roses, that is the Blue Roses. I don’t know how far he knows what I like and dislike and I never ask him.

So, on my 29th year’s birthday I didn’t planned anything special. He tries to do the best but, on that time I just felt like nothing special. My husband brings us to have a dinner at Dynasty Restaurant in Times Square just four of us. No cake this time and no candle to blow but what makes me happy is there’s a lot of wishes and pray from my family and friends through text messages and Facebook. Thanks to you all, especially my wonderful husbands Eric Pacifico, my Mom and my little daughter Eryqca for try to makes me happy and celebrate my birthday. I love you all guys and may God bless us always.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's coincidence..

11th March 2011

     Early in the morning around 4.45am i sent my father to KLIA airport. His flight to Kota Kinabalu is at 6.55am. We arrived there around 5.30am. I met uncle George Latah (Bcoz dia kuat melatah..hahahaa)..After check in, i guide my father which way to go for boarding..Dia 1st time la katakan ikut FireFly punya flight..Sia puna takut juga nanti dia tersesat..skali tingu teikut flight pi Pakistan ka Afrika ka..hahahaa..So, after watching him passed the guard..then i went out from the KLIA to my car. Nasib baik tiada uncle traffic..(sorry..park kijap ja bahh..)..Then sa balik menuju ke opis seawal jam 6am..Sia pikir2 its too early..then singgah Petronas, got McD there and park my car and having bfast there until 7am..this is what i have at McD..

   ..This is what they call Hotcakes..(lempeng pun..hahaha)..comes with coffee..

    I arrive at office around 7.25am..(bangga kunun sampai awal..) Sampai2 park keta and wait for the lift.."Ting.."..the door opened..and there..Kak Nor tersenyum sambil terkejut coz sia awal sampai that day..Feeuuu...mengantuk gila..then..apa lagi simpan beg and go bilik rehat...and continue Zzzzzzz....until 8.45am..hahahaaa...(bos ampun ya..terlajak tidur..) Ahahahaa..actually time tu pun bukan ada boss..hehee

News Petang..

..We received the bad news that Uncle Joe had passed away. He was unconscious at her daughter‘s house Judy at Taman Kali. Luckily Brother Adrian nephew was there and quickly call them to send him to hospital. But it’s too late and he was confirmed died that time. Two days before, we got the news from his son Frankie through BBM that his daughter Judy informed his son that he had been confirmed having a lung cancer. On that time, when we got the news I was crying like crazy at my office and I also don’t know why I felt so sad. We talked about him through BBM with his son Frankie and my cousins Ben and Alice. There is a lot of sweet memory about him.

..It’s just a sudden when we heard he was gone. God has taken him away from us on Lent season but we know He will take care of his soul. He took all his suffering and frees him from everything. I’m sure his soul will rest in peace. He had been through a lot of difficulty in his life with patience and prays everyday for his family especially to his wife. When he died, all his children’s and sisters were fighting each other just want to decide where they want to buried his body. Goshh...what happened to them? At the end, his body had been buried at Kg.Binaong cemetery. What we can do know is pray for his soul and hopefully this will make us realize what God’s want from us and know that every moment is a precious thing. God bless us all.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pain day..huhhh..

Hollaaa...i’m back...

…Well, today I went to government clinic. I go to the nearest clinic today and I will continued my pregnancy examine there until I went back to my home town. Land Below The Wind...ends off this March or maybe early April. I got injection and my blood has been taken by the nurse. I think their service are very good compare to the other government clinic I ever go...Seriously, they are so friendly and I hope it will be lasting forever. Not only today or whenever there is not much patient there but they should maintain it everyday...
I also got souvenir before having the injection...So, the result is my hand feel a bit weak and I feel sleepy right now. It’s 4pm already and I still have 1 hour and a half to go back home...

Tomorrow is public holiday for all Malaysian but only for East Malaysia. It’s Thaipusam day for all Indian… (Happy Thaipusam day to Mr.Poobalan...)
What is my plan for tomorrow? I hope it will be the relaxing day...hehehee

I need to rest and continued work now. Bye…

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ThursDay MooD..

..It's been 4 days i didn't update my blog.. Well, i'm on leave for two days and i'm not feeling well..unhappy i don't have any idea to share about....

OMG..i forgot to upload my activity on Saturday last week..I did promise that..damn!! Why i forgot..?? Maybe because i think too much and that make my head spinning..I can't sleep well at night and i seems like don't have any a dead headache and many more..

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today we have Sign Language Class and our teacher is one of our staff here..(IT Officer)..He's deaf and dumb..(he has been dumb and deaf from birth)..But i adore him because he is smart, intelligent and so wonderful..This is what God have shown to us..not only the perfect person can do their best but these kind of people also can..Bravo Mr.A....

Do we have a problem to communicate to him? Yes, we do have a problem to communicate with him but, because of his sincerity and willingness to teach us the sign language, it should be no problem after this..Beside, we still can communicate with him through messages or email because he still can read and we just write to him that's all..

Today we just spend half an hour for the class..and we learned a bit about the theory and practical..Our homework for today is, to find our own identity in sign language..This is the best part actually..hahahaa..but i don't have to do that again because he already gave me..He said it must be simple and nice and easier to remember..It's not really hard to learn just enjoy it and have fun with it..hahaha..

Well, i have to stop here..will be continued.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

..acTiviTy on saTurdaY...Family Day's..

..It's midnight already..i'm still awake just because i want to update my blog a bit about my activity yesterday..Today it's already 8/8/10..and it's my uncle birthday..Uncle Jully, my cousin Tyno and Aaron and also my ex-schoolmate Aaron Olim...

Yesterday 7/8/10..i woke up early with my mum, my lil' Eryqca and my brother Neil..We went to Taman Pertanian..konvoi dengan family Kak Nor..Our Family Day's at TPM at Shah Alam..What a great day i've spend my time with my family and friends there..I want to upload a picture here but its quiet late already so, i guess maybe on Monday i will update all the picture here heheee....Just wait la k..

..I want to go to sleep now..bubye..

Friday, August 6, 2010

..CeriTa FriDay..

..Today..balik lewat sikit..sbb ramai gak yang balik lewat sbb ader prayer diorang kat masjid seblah office reramai ler diorang pi..Aku? aku takde kene mengena dalam ini hal..(sendiri mau paham la ekk..)..

..Aku malas nak balik awal hari ni..Sebabnyer tak tau aper..just follow my heart jer..(memang gitu pun hari2..hahaha)..Ikut sukati aku la nak balik..boss pun tak marah kalau aku tidor jer kat opis ni..(pstt..pstt..tipu jer tu..haha).Saper la yang rela nak tidor kat opis nie..banyak sangat cerita2 seram diorang cerita..tapi aku steady jer..Yelah kan kalau dipikirkan sangat..sampai bila2 pun tak sudah penakut nyer..

..Hari ni aku lewat datang opis..nasib baik ada assistance..(opss..jangan pecah rahsia..!!)..Dengan kelewatan aku tu, aku takder la dapat kuar gi bfast..kang dicekup plak ngan org2 JPA..nahas aku bisa dibuang kerja gue..(sejak bila plak jadi minah indon ni??)..So, memandangkan tak leh kuar opis gi tapau aku duduk jer diam2..Tetiba plak dengar sound2 kat blakang (dkt Pantry)..memanggil kawan2 utk bersarapan..Rupanyer diorang bawak makanan banyak.."Pot Luck" kata diorang...So aku ni takder la bawa aper2..biasanyer aku bawa perut kosong jer..hahahaa..So dgn muke tak malu aku join la skali gi bfast...(dah dijemput gi jer la kann..)..Banyak sangat makanan2 boleh sampai ke petang makanan nyer..Thanks God for the food today..Ader nasik, tempoyak masak udang, kerabu mangga, sambal petai ngan ikan bilis, pucuk paku masak lemak, kuih2 dan kek2 dan air teh..perghhh..kenyang aku..Jimat lagi duit aku..

..Lepas ni aku kene tunggu lagi sebulan nak merasa makanan free..beberapa hari lagi diorang dah nak puasa..cuma aku ngan En.Poo jer tak puasa..Pastu aku ngan En.Poo jugak jadi jaga kat opis ni bila dah nak dekat2 raya..yelah bagi chance ler diorang nak cuti awal..Aku sebenarnyer dah biasa dah..sblm2 ni lagi teruk..En.Poo takder lagi..sensorang ler jadi penunggu opis..nasib baik boss bagi half day..thanks Boss..(ex-boss dan pencen)..Tapi tahun lepas En.Poo kene jaga sendiri sbb aku cuti panjang sesangat..hehehe..(cuti bersalin la..). So, tahun nie kita org berdua la jadi jaga..hahaa..tapi sy akan bawa Eryqca jadi teman kat opis..chewahhh..bukan susah pun..

..Argghhhh..dah kul 6 lebih..nak chow dulu..sambung kat umah plak..tu pun kalau ader masa..Nantikan cerita dari Taman Pertanian aku pasni..sbb besok kita nak gi Family Day kat Taman Pertanian..I'm gonna borrow my cousin camera..canggih jugak lar..tapi sy bukan expert sangat..nway..wait for my next story..bubye..