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..Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So..enjoy every moment of life..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's coincidence..

11th March 2011

     Early in the morning around 4.45am i sent my father to KLIA airport. His flight to Kota Kinabalu is at 6.55am. We arrived there around 5.30am. I met uncle George Latah (Bcoz dia kuat melatah..hahahaa)..After check in, i guide my father which way to go for boarding..Dia 1st time la katakan ikut FireFly punya flight..Sia puna takut juga nanti dia tersesat..skali tingu teikut flight pi Pakistan ka Afrika ka..hahahaa..So, after watching him passed the guard..then i went out from the KLIA to my car. Nasib baik tiada uncle traffic..(sorry..park kijap ja bahh..)..Then sa balik menuju ke opis seawal jam 6am..Sia pikir2 its too early..then singgah Petronas, got McD there and park my car and having bfast there until 7am..this is what i have at McD..

   ..This is what they call Hotcakes..(lempeng pun..hahaha)..comes with coffee..

    I arrive at office around 7.25am..(bangga kunun sampai awal..) Sampai2 park keta and wait for the lift.."Ting.."..the door opened..and there..Kak Nor tersenyum sambil terkejut coz sia awal sampai that day..Feeuuu...mengantuk gila..then..apa lagi simpan beg and go bilik rehat...and continue Zzzzzzz....until 8.45am..hahahaaa...(bos ampun ya..terlajak tidur..) Ahahahaa..actually time tu pun bukan ada boss..hehee

News Petang..

..We received the bad news that Uncle Joe had passed away. He was unconscious at her daughter‘s house Judy at Taman Kali. Luckily Brother Adrian nephew was there and quickly call them to send him to hospital. But it’s too late and he was confirmed died that time. Two days before, we got the news from his son Frankie through BBM that his daughter Judy informed his son that he had been confirmed having a lung cancer. On that time, when we got the news I was crying like crazy at my office and I also don’t know why I felt so sad. We talked about him through BBM with his son Frankie and my cousins Ben and Alice. There is a lot of sweet memory about him.

..It’s just a sudden when we heard he was gone. God has taken him away from us on Lent season but we know He will take care of his soul. He took all his suffering and frees him from everything. I’m sure his soul will rest in peace. He had been through a lot of difficulty in his life with patience and prays everyday for his family especially to his wife. When he died, all his children’s and sisters were fighting each other just want to decide where they want to buried his body. Goshh...what happened to them? At the end, his body had been buried at Kg.Binaong cemetery. What we can do know is pray for his soul and hopefully this will make us realize what God’s want from us and know that every moment is a precious thing. God bless us all.


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