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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

..afTeR 2 dAys LeaVe..

..I'm back again..after two days i'm on MC mahh..after that take "EL" stand for 'Emergency Leave'..hahaha...I got fever, flu and cough, plus it is my 1st day PMS..That's happened on 26th July 2010..on 27th July lil' daughter Eryqca got flu...that's why i took "EL".

Today is Wednesday, 28th July 2010..i still got cough..uhuk..uhuk..uhuk..what a sad day..but what to do i have to go to office..Actually, i want to share something about my PMS this time..It's started on 26th July 2010 after over a month i don't have period..i thought i'm getting pregnant for the second time..hahaha..(berangan la konon..)..But, i'm not preg..tadaaa..a bit frustrated but i still can except it.. Orang cakap belum ada rezeki..chewahhh..Never mind la lagi pun Eryqca just 10 months old..and i'm not plan for it..Rezeki datang awal or lambat, it's all God plan..
Oppss...back to the track..(telari plak cerita asal ni..)..About the PMS...

...Yup..i was a bit shock this time..last night when i took bath and wash my 'V'part, there's something like..flesh stuck on my 'V'..i pull it out and i feel curious what is that..Length about 4cm long, soft and bloody..I'm afraid maybe i was preggy after over a month i didn't have my period then "jatuh" after "ML"..hahaa..
I told my mum about it last nite and she said you have to drink this and that..OMG..i've been lecture again..Well, it's good for my own health what right..!!
I feel pain actually but i still can tahan la..Thanks Mom..

Uhuk..uhuk..uhuk..Argghhhh..this damn cough disturb my voice changed just like the Queen of Rock Malaysia "ELLA"..hahahaa..Wanna hear me sing...?? need la..menangis2 nanti semua..hahahaa...just kidding..i can sing very well but at least can la..hehehe..

..wait for the next episod...tataa..

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